Safe kid is a self-defence system developed specifically for children. This program was created by László Tóth and István Nagy. Based on adult self-defense techniques, has since become an integral part of Saario Academy.
Therefore the Saario Academy announces admission to Safe kid self-defence insructor course!

  • if you like to deal with children
  • if you like the challenges and you want to become  member of a dynamically developing team
  • if you like to play sports and you would like exercise to become part of next generation’s life
  • if you would like to launch a children self-defence group, and all this with the backing of a well-known and trusted organization

Then we meet you with a warm welcome! We would be pleased to hear from you!

  • proficiency in Defendo or Krav Maga self defence systems
  • high degree achieved in other self-defence sytems (to be certified)
  • special education teacher, physical education teacher, movement therapist qualifications

Course details:
Place: aTEREM martial arts center 1134 Budapest, Váci út 19
Term: 5-9 August 2017
Sign up:
Kreszán Zoltán
tel: +36 20 669 1022

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