The International Saario Academy Summer Camp will run in Budapest again between 3rd – 5th August.
3 days, 5-6 hours of training per day. The leaders of the camp are:
Jyrki Saario - Saario Academy Head Instructor
István Nagy – Polish Head Instructor, International Instructor
László Tóth – Hungarian Head Instructor, International Instructor

During the camp:
• Fighting on a bus
• Kickboxing – the basics of stand-up fighting
• Ground fight, survival on the ground
• Difficult environment, closed spaces (CQB Close Quarter Battle)

Location: SA Gym Budapest (6 Victor Hugo street, Bp 1134)
Date: 3rd – 5th August 2018
Participation: anyone (irrespectively of martial art background)
Equipment: personal protective equipment, boxing gloves, indoor and outdoor training clothes
Fee: HUF 30000 (EUR 100) or HUF 13000/day
Travelling, accommodation, meals and insurance (individually) are not included.

Leaders (Instructors): Jyrki Saario, László Tóth, István Nagy

To sign up for further information: / sign up deadline: 20th July

Day 1 – 03.08.2018, Friday
Core program:
Training on a bus, campfire cooking, (cooking in a cauldron) together, visiting the Pilgrim wine cellar in Etyek village)
Survival on the ground- Ironman Grappling
1. Falls and get ups
2. Defenses against chokes, kicks and punches

Day 2. – 04.08.2018, Saturday
Ironman Kickboxing
1. Street fight - without rules

• 1 good guy vs 2 bad guys
• 2 good guys vs 1 bad guy
• 2 good guys vs bad guys
(Situational exercises) Scenario based exercises (mix of everything)
2. Theory: preparation, methods, preventative behaviors, time, distance, awareness, natural reactions, realistic chances
3. Technical preparation
• Stability, footwork
• Infighting (based on wrestling techniques)
• Defenses against knife threats and attacks
• Defenses against stick attacks
• Defenses against gun threats.
• Ground fight basics

Day 3. – 05.08.2018, Sunday
Situational training
Self-defense on a staircase
• Narrow spaces
• On the stairs (different heights)
• In darkness (stepping into a dark staircase from a bright street) stepping into a dark staircase from the light

Main sponsor: The Pilgrim Wine Cellar, Etyek

There is also opportunity to participate in optional programs organized in Budapest after the trainings (sightseeing, discovering night life, etc.), the price of these changes from program to program.

We can offer discounted accommodation to the participants at Hotel Szőnyi*** ( To secure the discount type ‘kravmaga’ into the notes at the time of booking.

See you in Budapest!

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